The SNG journey began with a vision of transforming the way information is gathered. With an understanding that accurate and analyzable information will put you one step ahead in efficiency and competition, we have been developing software for more than 15 years so that you can have the information you need as soon as it takes form.

We have implemented solutions that customize the digital transformation of companies according to their needs, reduce the use of documents and paperwork to a minimum, save time and ensure efficient use of the workforce while developing technology for information privacy and security, with the information acquired over the years being stored, analyzed, and easily accessible.

SNG pays attention to what you need, provides you with software that connects your business processes with the most convenient method and at the lowest cost. It also makes your employees' user experience more convenient by gathering all the work that you would otherwise do using multiple software on a single platform. Regardless of the size of your operation, if you want to have rapid information flow and well-integrated departments, we are ready to listen to your needs to start your digital transformation with fast and accessible costs.