Become the Star of the Field With the New Generation Business Management Platform

With the KPI we created for your organisation probable bonus scenarios are live on your screen. taskhouse shares the integrated reports you want of your manufacturing, inventory, supply chain softwares you already use to you on the intervals that you choose.

How much of the sales targets has your team achieved?
Are your stocks sufficient for the orders received?
Are the products you want sold being sold?
At which store or dealer does retail sales lead?
Do you want to apply a premium system to your dealers but need objective tracking screens?
To what extent does your team comply with the visit plans?
Is the amount you spend on visits efficient compared to orders received or sales made?
What time do your employees start work?
Where are your vehicles now?
What is the conversion rate of the average time the sales organization spends in a visit to an order?
and many more details are ready for you on your screens with the taskhouse